Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 20, 2015 in Industry News

SkyBetBritish Labour MP Graham Jones has chastised well-known British bookmaker, and online casino, Sky. After a recent football match odds debacle he called them "a rip-off company who are willing to take their customers to the cleaners and deceive them" also that they are "typical of the gambling industry".

Given his ire one would believe that Sky Bet (and by association SkyVegas online casino) were guilty of intentionally robbing their customers – perhaps even over an extended period of time.

You would be wrong.

During a hotly contested UEFA Champions League football match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the Sky Bet mobile app erroneously displayed the incorrect odds during overtime. Instead of the correct odds of 9-2 the mobile app displayed the odds as 25-1.

In practical terms this means that on a bet of £10 you would have taken home (including the £10 you bet) a total of £260. While the correct odds would only have garnered you a pay-out of £55.

What has punters crying foul is the fact that rather than absorbing the cost of the error and paying out winnings at 25-1 they chose to do so at the correct 9-2. 

The Sky Bet terms and conditions allows for the bookmaker to “correct obvious errors and either settle bets at the correct odds or void bets” however just because it is allowable doesn’t make it right.

Managing Director of Sky Bet, Richard Flint has publically defended their decisions saying; “a wrong price was displayed for around three minutes, and a small number of customers bet at the incorrect odds. These odds were clearly wrong – we showed odds of 25-1 when the true odds and the odds displayed by all other bookmakers was 9-2. We settled at the correct odds.”

Sky Bet may not have chosen the easiest path by choosing to enforce their terms, however it is worth recognising what they have done correctly. 

They immediately contacted all affected customers, they have publically acknowledged the error and been open about how they would address it. Last but not least rather than voiding the bets and returning the bets placed they chose to honour the bets at the correct odds.