Brighter future for online gambling in Poland

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on December 14, 2016 in Industry News

Online casino legislation in PolandThe festive seasons seems to be working wonders for the gambling industry. On December 12th, the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, Jaroslaw Gowin announced that the government is working on new legislation that will liberalise sports betting and online poker.

“According to the latest draft, slot machines will be nationalised and will operate under national lottery laws.”

Gowin states that the bill introduced by the previous Polish government surrounding gambling resulted in multibillions of losses for Poland.

The specific bill Gowin referred to was the Gambling Act of 2009 that banned online gambling or any form of gambling outside of casinos. 

Gowin explained that the gambling industry will remain in a grey area of the economy in coming months and that Poles will continue to experience a loss of PLN 100-300 million each month.

The Deputy Prime Minister hopes that by changing the law, money will flow back into the budget. He added that Poland has already received the green light for their new Gambling Bill from the European Commission.