Published by CasinoTopsOnline on August 26, 2015

Tequila Poker at William Hill casinoOne of the latest games on offer at William Hill Casino is a twist on one of the most popular casino games ever created. Tequila Poker combines the thrill and excitement of blackjack and five card poker.

The biggest difference between Tequila Poker and its predecessors is that this new game of skill and luck does not involve other players or a dealer. When playing Tequila Poker making the right choice when deciding which hand to chase or if you’ll rely on the value of your cards will determine whether or not you’re a winner.

How to play Tequila Poker online

At the start of every game of Tequila Poker, the player is faced with two choices that will determine ultimately whether or not winning is possible.

1. The player must first place an ante or stake as one does when playing poker.

2. The dealer will deal four cards from a regular 52 card deck, face up.

3. Now the player must decide whether to play High Tequila which is based on the card values as found in blackjack or Tequila Poker. If the player chooses Tequila Poker, the best poker hand achievable determines the win.

4. Two more cards will then be dealt.

5. The final hand will be determined by the best five cards out of the six dealt.

High Tequila vs. Tequila Poker

The combination of blackjack and poker means that playing this game requires quick decisions and a lot of luck. Here are the distinct differences between the two options presented .

High Tequila means the cards have values much as they do in blackjack. Cards 2 through 10 have the same face value and any face card has a value of 10. In High Tequila, the Ace card always has a value of 11. To win, your 5 highest cards must be a total of 46 points or more.

Tequila Poker means choosing to chase the perfect poker hand. The cards have the same meaning as they would in a regular poker game and the best five card hand is a winner. The lowest, remaining card is disregarded and at the very least a pair of Aces is required to win.

Don’t miss out on the chance to play this new and exciting game of skill and luck. Head on over to William Hill Casino now and experience the thrill of Tequila Poker for yourself.