Betsafe launches Live Roulette app for Apple TV!

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 3, 2016 in Industry News

Live Roulette Apple TV app from Betsafe casinoInteracting with your favourite online casino just got even more exciting with the launch of their brand new Live Roulette app! What makes this brand new app such a winner is that Apple TV customers don’t even have to get up off of the couch to play along.

Betsafe Casino, the creator of the new app and a subsidiary of Betsson AB, recently made the exciting announcement that Apple TV clients would have the ability to make real-money bets straight from their TV. Betsafe Casino claims that this new app is an industry first and removes the need for customers to own a PC or smartphone in order to play. However, the app does allow up to 6 players to participate if paired via their Apple smartphones. Suddenly online gambling becomes a group activity with real-money rewards!

Betsson CEO Ulrik Bengtsson thinks that this new app will “most likely set the standard for the entire gaming industry going forward.” Currently the Live Roulette app is only available to players in Sweden, but Betsafe hopes to roll out to the rest of the world fairly soon.

Betsafe, and on a larger scale Betsson, are always striving to create a bigger and better player experience. The release of this “industry first” fits with that philosophy. Jesper Svensson, Betsson Malta chief commercial officer, pointed out that the app forms part of the company’s “ongoing search for new opportunities to develop the customer experience, which makes it natural that we meet our customers on their terms and where they are.”

While Betsafe’s Live Roulette app does appear to be the first casino app which allows players to bet real money, online casinos are starting to create more and more products for new technology such as the Apple TV. Amaya Gaming’s PokerStars also recently released an app for Apple TV that let interested players stream live tournament broadcasts. 

How players will take to this new form of online gambling still remains to be seen, and it will be interesting to see whether or not Betsafe have created a new trend for online casinos to follow or simply wasted their own money. Only time will tell!