Betsafe crowned Bookmaker of the Month for transparent Terms and Conditions

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 11, 2018 in Industry News, Betsafe Casino

Betsafe Casino Terms and ConditonsPlaying at online casinos are extremely convenient, fun and entertaining. While there are hundreds of online casinos to choose from, not all are quite as forthcoming with their terms and conditions.  

It is very important to find an online casino that doesn’t just bring you the best in bonuses and gaming entertainment but are also clear on the terms and conditions regarding promotions and games.

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When it comes to sports betting this is especially important in order for you to maximise your fun and your funds.

In a recent analysis of 25 of the best bookmakers by for iGB, it was found that Betsafe Casino has the clearest terms and conditions for sports bettors.

Bookmaker of the Month 

The analysis was done as part of an iGaming Business series that aims to compare bookmaker performance in 12 key areas.  

The analysis was based on three key factors that included the length of the document, the complexity of the language and the personality of the text. In other words, the analysis focused on which bookmakers have the most understandable terms and conditions.  

The data used for the analysis was collected in September 2017 and earned Betsafe the first Bookmaker of the Month Garland. Stan James came in second and Ladbrokes earned third place. These terms and conditions had the least amount of words, was quick to read and the most transparent. Making it easy for players to fully understand what they’re signing up for and what they need to do to match the requirements.

The dangers of complexity 

It is known that many players (or people in general) don’t take the time to read terms and conditions when signing up. This is bound to change thanks to the Competition and Markets Authority’s current investigation into unfair terms among online gambling operators and the unhappiness of consumers against free bet offers requiring them to recycle bets multiple times.  

In the survey, it was found that the average terms and conditions length among bookmakers added up to 16,194 words. This means it would take about an hour and 21 minutes to read through them which is beneficial for bookmakers as players often tend to give up and sign up before making their way to the end of the t’s and c’s.  

Another remark was that bookmakers aim to use the most complex language to make it more difficult to fully understand what you are reading and signing up for. It is very important for bookmakers to keep their terms and conditions short and sweet in order for players to get a clear understanding of what they are signing up for and what the consequences and results of certain actions might be.

A disregard for safety? 

Any great online casino should always put the player and their safety first. It is therefore of utmost importance that responsible gaming should be an important and highlighted section. In the analysis it showed that there was very little mention of reference to responsible gambling. Some bookmakers neglected adding a section on this completely.  

It was stated that this does not mean the casino is against responsible gambling or fails to provide measures and information to assist troubled gamers in managing their gambling problem. It simply means that the casino has very little if any agreement in their terms stating that they’d come to an agreement and provide responsible gambling measures to players in need of it.  

In this section, Marathonbet was the favourite as they were the only bookmaker to mention responsible gambling, responsible wagering and responsible betting more than once.  

Betsafe was the overall winner of the analysis and crowned Bookmaker of the Month in regards of Transparency. Playing at will ensure that you have access to the clearest terms and conditions, best rewards and non-stop gaming fun.  

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