Bet365 argues for less restrictive sports betting market in Netherlands

Published by Daniel on September 30, 2019 IN Industry News

Less Restriction On Dutch Sports BettingThe online gambling industry is constantly changing and evolving but most important rapidly expanding.  

More and more countries are opening their virtual doors and embracing the online gambling market with open arms.  

The Netherlands have recently joined the ranks and are currently in the process of drafting their rules and regulations for the new Dutch gaming market. 

In a recent consultation session Bet365 told the Dutch government that less restrictions should be imposed if they want a thriving market.

Restrictions, bets and consultations 

Recently the Dutch Government held a consultation where 17 industry stakeholders were invited to respond to their secondary regulations. These secondary regulations are the ones that will govern the Dutch E-gaming and sports betting market.  

In a response to the consultation paper Bet365 told the Dutch government that they should be imposing less restrictions on bets. Especially if they want their regulated market to thrive when it is launched in 2021.  

Bet365’s main argument was against the ban on betting on events that are “under the dominant influence of one participant” and have “no overriding influence on the course or outcome of the contest.” Their concern is that this could prevent players from taking bets on a player winning or losing the next set or game in Tennis. This in return could drive those players to placing bets at illegal online casinos that allow them to place such bets.  

In their argument Bet365 stated that after analysing the betting patterns on their site for the 2019 men’s final at Wimbledon, it shows that a high percentage of players placed in-play bets on the individual game or set markets. This shows that there is a strong desire among players for this type of betting market and banning it could jeopardize impact the licensed market.  

The operator suggested that instead the Dutch government can look at limiting betting on individual points, but only on lower level tournaments such as the ITF and Challenger. According to Bet365 it would be very difficult to manipulate the winnings on individual games or sets at a Grand Slam or ATP event.  

They strengthened their argument by adding that Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth are drawn to play together on the third day of the US Open Golf tournament. While these players are not directly competing against each other a very popular beet would bet the head-to-head market between the two players.  

In conclusion Bet365 suggested that the only effective way to combat sports integrity issues is to monitor the betting taking place. And to include a license requirement that obligates operators to report suspicious behaviour. And this can only be achieved by having as little restrictions placed on bets as possible.  

Other regulatory concerns 

Apart from the serious betting restrictions the operator stated that the proposals on banning gambling advertisings during live sporting events were very restrictive. According to Bet365 it would unfairly penalize operators who haven’t taken bets from Dutch players in the past.  

The operator continued saying that those new to the market should have the opportunity to build brand awareness without overly exposing the general public to their advertising. They suggested that alternatively the government can impose a limit to the size and placement of adverts and content instead of banning adverts completely.  

The consultation closed earlier this month and operators will be able to apply for their Dutch license from July 2020.