Bell Fruit casino Valentine's promoIt’s Valentine’s Day and Bell Fruit Casino’s latest promotion arrives in a whirlwind of rose petals and romantic intentions: as a token of their eternal love for their players, they’ve readied a £1,000sharepot! Everyone’s invited to reach into it, as long as they opt in and play Queen of Hearts™ deluxe or the newly released Red Lady between the 10th and the 14th of February. The Queen will have your heart beating faster, while the Lady invites you to a romantic treasure cruise across the seven seas!

If you stake between £10 and £59.99, you’ll get a share of the £300 bonus. Staking £60 or more will make you eligible to a share of the £700 bonus. Two lovely ladies with excellent slots are vying for the attention of the players – with an offer like this, leaving them waiting would be rude!

As usual, Terms & Conditions apply – you can review them on Bell Fruit Casino's website.

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