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Highroller Casino Coin Collecting There are plenty of great online casinos to choose from, many of which are top rated casinos.  

However some online casinos have been known to offer a more unique online gambling experience.  

Deposit €50 Play with €100 + 50 Free Spins + 20 Coins

Highroller Casino is one such casino where you’ll get to indulge in a city adventure cashing in on more than just wins on the games you play.

Enter the Highroller Jungle 

At this online casino you’ll experience the thrill of playing the best games while moving through the different Metrocity districts. One of the exciting activities you’ll get to partake in is sting operations to grab coins from other players.  

The coins are your key to unlocking regular spins and other casino freebies from the shop. Be careful as standing around in one spot too long could make you the victim of a Sting.  

Other ways to get coins 

Coins are your only way to get the most from this thrilling experience as they are the virtual currency at Highroller casino. Luckily there are many ways to hoard coins in the Metrocity and use them on free bets, free spins, super spins and even cash prizes.  

You can start by signing up at Highroller Casino. Once you’ve successfully created your casino account you will be awarded 20 coins to get you started. For the next four days after that you’ll get 5 coins just for logging in.  

The next step to obtaining more coins is levelling up. You’ll start as a newbie in the Metrocity with the aim to grab the most share of coins. Each time you play online slots at the casino you will notice the progress bar under your specialized Avatar fill up. This is an indication of you moving through the disctrict. Once you‘ve reached a new Metrocity District you will level up and be awarded more shiny coins. The amount of coins awarded for each level you reach depends on the amount you’ve wagered in your current District. When levelling up you’ll also be treated to other rewards such as free spins or cash rewards.  

The other way to collect coins is to stay on the move as staying in one place too long could make you a target and result in a loss of all your coins. If you manage to stay on the move by playing every day you will also level up faster. Levelling up once every 5 days could award you up to 5 coins per day.  

And finally there are stings which are the most exciting ways to get your hands on coins. As you move through the Metrocity District you will unlock Sting counters that allows you to Sting another player. This will result in you planning a sting that ends with you grabbing all their loot.  

Start collecting coins now 

Highroller Casino is one of the most exciting online casinos to play at as it is filled with tons of entertaining events.  

Apart from offering the best games the industry has to offer the casino gives you a new way to reach new levels and cash in on extra rewards.  

Deposit €50 Play with €100 + 50 Free Spins + 20 Coins

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