Tips - RTP Online SlotsPlaying online slots is one of the most popular pastimes among most online casino gamblers. 

While online slots require no set strategy or skill they do have some logistics that can be used to your advantage.

Most players test and try different online slots to find the ones they like most based on pay-outs, bonus features and themes. 

One variable that can help you select your slots before testing them out is their Return to Player percentage (RTP). 

Understanding RTP and how it affects your gameplay

The easiest way to understand the function of RTP is to know what it stands for. The RTP is a term used to describe the long term payback percentage expected from all wagers on a certain slot or other casino game. 

Thus, if you had to make 1,000 one euro bets on a slot with a theoretical slot RTP of 98% then you would expect a return of €980 in wins. 

Another way to clarify RTP is by seeing it as the opposite of the House Edge which is the mathematical advantage the casino has with a game. 

When playing online slots the key is to know your percentages and understand how pay-outs can work. That being said, just because the RTP is 98% doesn’t necessarily mean you will receive 98% wins on your gameplay. Remember, the RTP is theoretical and is spanned out over the lifetime of the slot and applies to all players. 

How to beat the odds playing online slots

Now that you have an idea on what the RTP means for your gameplay you can start creating a ‘strategy’ that will help you get the most from your online slots gameplay. 

Top Tips:

  • Understand the slots Return to Player (RTP) percentage
  • Check the slots RTP and understand how it rates on the RTP scale anything between 90.99% and 93.99% is considered bad, 94.00% - 94.99% is acceptable and anything between 95.00% - 97.99% is considered good. If you’re hellbent on finding a favourable online slot it would be best to look for slots that have an RTP of anything from 98.00% or higher. 
  • Keep in mind that even the highest RTP slots don’t guarantee a profit. There is no slot anywhere that will be connected to a 100% RTP. 
  • Choosing a slot with a higher RTP will lead to a better chance at beating the odds and striking decent wins. 
  • Progressive slots come with the biggest pay-outs but are often linked to poor RTP percentages. 

Top 5 highest paying online slots

Mega Joker – This old school classic is powered by NetEnt and comes with an RTP of 99%. 

Cosmic Quest II Mystery Planets – Powered by Rival slots this entertaining slot has a 98.95% RTP. 

1429 Uncharted Seas – Created by the quirky and detail oriented Thunderkick game developing company with an RTP of 98.6%

Ragnarok – A fun Genesis Gaming slots with an RTP of 98.00%

Blood Suckers – This NetEnt favourite is themed around romance and vampires and comes with an RTP of 98.00%

There are hundreds of amazing slots to choose from and finding one with a good to superb RTP percentage will lead to a much more satisfying gameplay.