Be a winner while playing your favourite online and mobile slots

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on October 5, 2016 in Casino Tips

Casino slots strategiesPlaying at online casinos is something that thousands of people around the world do on a daily basis. Whether you prefer to play online slots, table games, or you love winning via your mobile device, there’s something that everyone can enjoy.

While enjoying yourself is important, we all know that the most popular reason for playing any casino game is the potential to land a big win. But what can be done to ensure that you won’t simply spin away all of your hard-earned cash?

Slot strategies and systems are the perfect way to ensure that you play safely, responsibly, and that you have a chance of winning while playing via your desktop or mobile.


Popular casino strategies

There are many different gambling strategies that players make use of when attempting to win big. Many within the casino industry don’t believe these strategies work at all while others swear by them.

Here are a few popular betting strategies:

Martingale System – One of the oldest and most well-known betting systems, the Martingale is based on two basic principles. Firstly, double your stake every time you play a losing round and after a winning round, stake one base unit. The base unit can be any amount, but it’s advised to keep it small. There are many different variations of the Martingale.

D’Alembert System – This system is one of the simpler systems to use and doesn’t include a lot of complicated mathematical equations. There are 4 steps to follow when using this system. Firstly, you must decide on what your base unit will be, then you begin by wagering that base unit. After each loss, you increase the wager by a single base unit and decrease the stake after each win.

Paroli System – Another simple and popular system, the Paroli system helps players consistently win small amounts and avoid losing large amounts of cash. You begin by choosing a base stake which you double after each winning line. Once three wins have been achieved, you must stop increasing your base stake and convert back to the original amount. If you lose, converting back to the original base stake is advised.

Top casino tips

It’s always important to keep a few basic casino tips in mind while playing online.

  • Set aside your bankroll – Always have a set amount that you’re willing to spend and don’t go over this amount for any reason.
  • Learn about the game – Be sure to read up on the rules, payout odds, and details before playing any online or mobile casino game.
  • Be prepared to lose – Slots run on a random system which means that losing is bound to happen. Don’t lose heart and remember that winning is bound to happen too!
  • Know when to quit – The most important tip is to know when Lady Luck isn’t on your side. It’s better to quit while ahead instead of potentially ending with nothing.

Remember, no matter where you’re playing or on which device you enjoy using, always play responsibly and stay safe.