Ashes Cricket Series first event subject to Gambling Advert Ban

Published by Daniel on August 19, 2019 in Industry News

Ashes Gambling Advert BanThe gambling industry has seen a lot of growth and expansion over the past few years.  

While interest in the industry grows there are many restrictions put in place for the safety of players.  

The UK recently implemented an advertising ban and it is officially taking effect with the first gambling advert free sports event.

No more gambling adverts 

The Ashes cricket series between England and Australia recently started and it is officially the first UK sporting event subjected to the new advertising ban.  

This event will be the first in a decade to take place without any gambling advertisements being displayed. The cricket series will follow the voluntary measure which was confirmed by the gambling industry last year. This move came at a time of increased criticism of the industry.  

Under the new gambling advert ban no gambling ads will be shown during any televised sports events that happen before 9pm for a whistle to whistle period, beginning five minutes before a match and ending five minutes after. This does however exclude all horse and greyhound racing as these have been linked to gambling from the start.  

It should have started with football 

Originally the ban was introduced to overlap with the start of the football season but the Ashes started first. Thus, the Ashes is the first major sporting event to be subjected to the new regime.  

It truly is a new day for sports television as this will dramatically decrease the number of adverts on television. This change comes 12 years after the 2005 Gambling Act was put into effect, with this Act casinos and bookmakers were first allowed to advertise on TV. Now a decade later, they are yet again banned from doing so.  

While the move does relieve some tension and worries about gambling adverts on television it doesn’t completely remove gambling adverts from the sports scene. Some campaigners have pointed out that the move does not stop gambling companies from having their company name displayed in game by means of football shirt sponsorship or pitch side adverts. In smaller manners gambling companies can still find a way to get their names features in the sports events and on television if they please. They are only banned from placing advertisements on television during sports events.  

Sports Clubs asked to review relationships with Gambling sponsors 

James Grimes from Gambling with Lives Big Step Project charity says that clubs and gambling sponsors should be addressing much more. Grimes said they should go deeper and focus on addressing pitch side advertising, shirt sponsorship and in ground ‘gambling harms’ messaging. His charity is focused on asking football clubs to review their relationship with gambling sponsors.  

According to Grimes football fans are within the highest risk group of developing major gambling problems and clubs need to help them. He stated that you don’t need to have a bet to enjoy a match. Based on a number of academic studies the prevalence of gambling logos on shirts and hoardings ensures that gambling brandings are seen more prominently on live sports footage.  

It has also been confirmed that more than half of the Premier League’s shirts will feature some form of gambling branding.  

While gambling adverts have been banned there will still be some form of gambling advertisements through sponsorships. Making one wonder how effective the Gambling Advert Ban really is.