AGA reveals growth in Americans supporting casinos

Published by Daniel on October 21, 2019 IN Industry News

Growth in American Casino VisitorsGambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment enjoyed by many across the globe.  

It’s a popular pastime that has been enjoyed throughout the centuries with or without legal permission.  

Recent statistics show the number of Americans enjoying the activity has increased dramatically over the past year.

History, Change and Awareness 

According to new research a record number of Americans have started supporting casinos and the gambling industry. The American Gaming Association (AGA) revealed statistics showing that 49% of Americans were now in favour of casinos.  

The rise in popularity is believed to come from the relaxation on betting laws in the USA and the following increase in the total visitors at casinos. According to the statistics it has risen with 4% from the previous year which is a dramatic rise.  

The laws around gambling in the US have been rather complicated until recently restricting gambling activities. Despite this fact casinos have always been quite popular in the region especially since online gambling was strictly prohibited.  

With recent changes in legislation each of the US states have gained the freedom to make their own laws in regard to gambling and betting. The majority of the states have opted to ease up on their restrictions and instead provide locals with new gambling opportunities. Currently Utah and Hawaii are the only two US states that don’t allow any form of live gambling.  

Each US state have different casinos and betting facilities available but the public is definitely becoming more aware of casino establishments in their specific regions.  

Deeper Insights from the AGA 

The American Gaming Association (AGA) did in-depth research into the public’s views of casinos and discovered that a significant amount of people have accepted the activity. According to their survey 49% of the participants felt that casinos were a positive thing which overlapped with the rise in the number of people who visited one in 2019 to 44%.  

The AGA believed that the 9% hike in attendees in a single year is a trend that is set to continue. Especially as 49% of Americans admitted that they planned to visit a casino in the upcoming year which is another 8% hike from the 41% in 2018.  

In more good news, 63% of the survey participants said that they believe casinos are an innovative form of entertainment. And 67% said that the industry offered high quality entertainment options for all to enjoy.  

Bill Miller, AGA CEO, said that there is a massive more towards wide acceptance of gambling activities in the US. He also pointed out that a greater number of Americans are now starting to engage with casinos in the different states where it is legal. Miller also stated that as casinos and the gambling industry expands, Americans are able to fully appreciate the positive effects that revenue from the industry can have on the local economy.