According to one of the best Poker players in the world: Poker is no longer fun

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on November 10, 2017 in Industry News

Industry News Poker One of the most popular casino games, Poker has been highly popular since the early 17th Century. The card game is so beloved that it’s even turned into a sport played in countries all over the world. While the game is still immensely popular in both land-based and online casinos, one can’t help but wonder about how the modern way of playing affects the game and the players.

Slow hand

There are various versions of poker but more modern versions seem to have slowed down a bit. One of the best poker players in the world, Patrick Antonius, has recently opened up about his frustration with the direction the game is headed in.

The rules and structure of Poker have always been the same and for decades it’s been a rather fast paced game. While it is considered a sport, one of the most important factors of playing poker has always been the fun. After all, it’s just a game… Or is it?

After the 888Live Barcelona, Antonius has spoken out about how the game is changing and its affects. One of the poker star’s biggest issues was with the game feeling more serious and tedious all together. In essence it’s as if the whole idea of gambling for fun has disappeared which tends to happen when something becomes a competitive sport but in the case of Poker, it defeats the purpose.

According to Antonius, the 888Live Barcelona game started out fun with quick decisions but after turned slow and serious after dinner. The frustrated player revealed that after dinner it took between 5 and 7 minutes per hand played. The major concern was that it seemed to be a domino effect of one player starting and the others following suit.

Sheep Mentality

While most people tend to boast being 100% independent in decision making it has been proven that we often have a subconscious sheep mentality. For instance, if 90% of a group claim one thing to be correct the odds are that the rest will follow suit in fear of being wrong and humiliated. 

The sheep mentality behaviour is not uncommon and not unjust seeing as it is prevalent in everyday life. Most people are filled with self-doubt and lack confidence, so it’s easier for them just to follow. It’s not a bad thing seeing as everybody wants to be normal and fit in. Markets thrive on this mentality as it not only allows them to cash in but also ‘predict’ or rather steer trends and people in a certain direction to ultimately get the result they require.

Poker Pace

The problem is that this mentality can affect many of the outcomes linked to a certain activity such as Poker. While a good strategy and great poker face could result in millions of wins for anyone such as Patrick Antonius, the game should remain reasonably paced and above all fun. 

As a solution to a possible problem, 888Live has introduced the Action Clock in all their Main Events and High Roller games. It won’t solve the problem all over, but it will definitely help some events and could inspire other casinos and organisers to implement the same thing. 

Poker is and should always be about fun and quick thinking, it’s part of what makes it such a thrilling and exciting game to play.