Yes, a good casino strategy is totally necessary

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on July 21, 2016 in Casino Tips

Casino strategyPlaying at an online casino is fun and entertaining. Naturally, when you’re gambling with your hard-earned cash, there’s a sense of excitement and danger. While online gambling is all of these things, it’s imperative that players enter into every casino situation with their head in the game and a clear sense of purpose. It also means being realistic about what the point of every casino game is – to both give and take money.

No matter how good you think you may be, the fact of the matter is that the house edge will always level the playing field and eventually be the winner. That’s not to say that you won’t get in your fair share of winnings first! Factors like these mean that players need to have a well-planned and steady casino strategy at hand before placing that first bet.

A good casino strategy means knowing what you’re up against when facing the house edge, knowing how to make the most of your bankroll, and being aware of dubious casino strategies. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend, how hard you’re willing to play, and simply knowing more about online casinos in general will make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

We’ll answer a few of the questions you may need the answers to and help you be a winner, the right way.

Can I beat the “house edge”?

The house edge is how casinos level the playing field. While you may be on the winning streak of a lifetime, the casino’s house edge will eventually come into play and make sure that the house doesn’t lose it all. The house edge varies from game to game, and on certain games it can be less than 1%!

If you want to keep the house edge to the absolute minimum, you need to choose the right casino game. Learn a little more about the game you’d like to play and what the house edge may be. For instance, blackjack has an extremely low house edge of only 0.4%, while games like Baccarat have a house edge of 1%. This is still a great rate, but certain slots and card games can have a very high house edge. 

To beat the house edge, you need to know how to play. This may sound obvious, but many players lose their cash by not knowing all of the game rules which leads to avoidable mistakes. It’s not possible to beat the house edge, but it’s entirely doable to keep the house edge as low as possible.

Do casino betting systems work?

There are many punters around the world who obsess over casino betting systems and insist that they’ll make you rich. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Due to the fact that online casinos shuffle decks after each hand dealt and work on a random basis, it’s impossible to work out exactly how or when a win will land.

Casino betting systems work on two basic principles.

The first being the ‘Negative Progression’ which calls for players to double the bet after each losing hand or spin. The idea is that the chances of a win landing are higher after a loss so doubling your bet should boost your bank quickly. However, this rarely works and often sees punters spending a lot more than they intended to.

The second principle is the ‘Positive Progression’ which encourage players to increase their bets after a certain number of wins. This system can often lead to short winning streaks that casual players enjoy, but unfortunately is not sustainable in the long run.

Casino betting systems are perfect for casual players looking to inject a new element of fun into their gameplay. For more serious punters, the risks are just too high.

How do I manage my bankroll?

Managing a casino bankroll is all about self-control. Do a little research beforehand and decide exactly how much you’d like to spend, which games you’d like to play, and how much you want to spend per bet. This should give you an idea of exactly how much you’ll need to have in your bankroll. Make sure that you have extra for unforeseen losses and you’ll be set.

You can also play it safe and set yourself a spending limit. Once you’ve reached a predetermined limit in your bankroll, it may be time to pack up and go home with cash leftover to try again another day. The most important part of managing your bankroll is staying aware of how much you’re spending and winning. Don’t get caught up in an exciting slot suddenly to have your bankroll run dry without you realising it.

Do you really need a casino strategy? 

The answer is yes. Every casual or serious punter should have even a basic strategy in place to keep their playing under control and the winnings rolling in.