A call for skill based slot games

Published by Daniel on August 2, 2019 IN Industry News

Skill Based SlotsThe online gambling industry has seen many changes and improvements over the past few years.  

With so many new developments it’s to be expected that there will be even bigger and better things yet to come.  

Online slots have been a focal point for the industry and soon they might become even more popular than ever.

Then and now 

When looking at online slot games and comparing the latest slots to classic fruits slots it’s easy to see how much has changed. Over the years various elements have been added to slot games including the element of skill.  

Overall slot games still work the same you choose your bet amount you click on spin and hope for the best. With online slots, there are various add-ons including amazing graphics, fun features and superb bonus rounds. While the latest modern slots are pleasing the masses the industry is still craving to expand and create bigger and better.  

Games such as Blackjack will always remain iconic and a favourite because it involves the use of skill. While slot games are a lot of fun it seems slot developers are having trouble keeping the attention of their players. The solution to this problem would be to find a way to add a skill-based element to slot games.  

As soon as a skill-based element is introduced to video slots players would have no problem staying engaged. They would be determined to compete against their friends and improve their skill levels and score much like in Blackjack. Adding a skill element to slots would also help gambling operators meet the strict compliance levels of regions such as the US.  

Attracting Millennials 

Online gambling might be a hot feature at the moment but one of the biggest struggles the industry has is attracting millennials. According to studies millennials tend to head for sports betting because it comes with more of a challenging element and requires a certain level of skill.  

The current argument is that if a skill element is added to slot games millennials would be more inclined to visit online casinos. It is no secret that millennials love their video games as a factor reflected the growing popularity of video games in the millennial demographic.  

Video slots have a lot of potential and thanks to the evolution of technology there is the possibility to bring such a skill-based element to these slot games. In some ways, many of the newer video slots tease and play with the skill elements offering different levels in their bonus features. However, they are not fully there yet and don’t quite capture the skill level required.  

Great possibilities 

Slot machines started with one payline and a few simple fruit symbols on the reels. Now there are hundreds of slot games with bonus features, animations and different amounts of paylines.  

While the skill element has not yet been captured in video slots it is a possibility and a focus point.  

Players could soon be enjoying video slots that have a certain video game feel to it with different levels and tasks to complete.