The future and growth of the casino industry in Canada

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 2, 2017 IN Industry News

Online casino industry in CanadaThe online gambling industry has reached record heights in the last few years. All areas such as online and mobile poker rooms, casinos, and bookmakers has seen a massive increase in users. The growth of the online gambling industry in Canada has steadily been growing over the last couple of years and now brings in over $31 billion in gross output and $14 billion in purchased services.

“One of the many reasons for this growth is the ease of access from mobile devices and tablets.”

The internet is also available in most urban areas whether it be via Wi-Fi hotspots or 4G connections. Thanks to mobile gaming most online casino lovers have access to their favourite iGaming sites from just a touch of a button.

Canadian iGaming operator increase

What makes Canada so interesting is the fact that each individual Canadian province and territory has the authority to decide on their own gambling regulations at state level. While some areas have refrained from granting licenses to online site operators and chosen to stay away from gambling in general, others have opted to ease up the law surrounding iGaming operators. Some of the states are actively pursuing maximum growth for the online gambling industry as long as it complies with specific regulatory requirements.

Leader of the pack

The first Canadian province who started promoting the growth and possibilities of iGaming was Quebec. As results started showing, more and more Canadian provinces followed in their footsteps and now provide licenses to interested iGaming operators. Over the last few years many of the Canadian provinces have seen evidence of the financial possibilities they are to gain from allowing online casino operators to work on their soil. 

Many major territories such as Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario are decreasing the amount of legislation preventing iGaming operators from working in Canada.

The end of an era?

The online section of the industry is not the only one in consideration and up for review as there has been talks of opening a casino complex in Ottawa. The biggest part of the discussion has been centred on whether a land-based casino would be as profitable considering the major developments and growth of the online market.

The growth of the online casino industry has been truly remarkable and with the constant improvement of technology, quality and overall presentation it has proven to be the favourite. While the future of land-based casinos remain uncertain, the growth of online gambling in Canada is at an all-time high.