Experience online gambling in a new way with these 4 console casino games

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on June 21, 2017 in Industry News

Casino gambling on consolesCasinos and gambling are not new forms of entertainment. For hundreds of years, human beings have gambled in one way or another to make money and to have fun.

With the invention of online casinos and online casino games, the industry took a turn as gambling suddenly became accessible to people around the world. Online casinos have been popping up for many years and they've only grown from strength to strength.

What makes online casinos, and subsequently mobile casinos, so popular? The fact that they allow different people from different walks of a life a chance to play and win.

A shift in the industry

Online gambling as an industry is forever shifting and evolving to become something new and more exciting than before. Mobile casinos, virtual reality, and augmented reality casino games are quickly becoming the top dogs, but consoles have been making their mark too.

While playing on a console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation, casino games can only be enjoyed for entertainment purposes and it doesn't detract from the fact that there are thousands of people playing in this way.

The casual gaming sector is huge and continues to grow on a daily basis, allowing people to play their favourite casino games, but without spending (or winning) any real cash. These current casino games available for consoles are much the same.

Take a look at 4 popular and entertaining console
games currently on the market.


Pure Hold'em

Developed by VooFoo Studios, Pure Hold'em is a available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Considered to be one of the best casino games currently available, Pure Hold'em is an online world where the aim is play your way to riches.

With full online multiplayer support, you can stand around a virtual poker table and take on your friends in a tournament or join a random table and play with strangers.

The entire game is essentially a Texas Hold'em tournament where you make your way from one table to the next as they increase in difficulty. You'll need to earn your way to the tougher tables while playing like a pro in a virtual 3D world.

Fantasy Slots: Adventure Slots and Games

Available only for the Wii, Fantasy Slots is a cartoonish creation designed by Big John Games. While the Wii is no longer the top Nintendo console thanks to the arrival of the Switch, these casino games are still played on a regular basis.

Awards and achievements are available to be won as players make their way through the many casino games available. There are multiple 5-reel slots waiting to be explored, six bonus games to test your limits, and more.

There's also a high-roller suite that you can decorate and design to show off your casino skills!

Four Kings Casino and Slots

If you have no time or desire to set foot in a land-based casino, then Four Kings Casino and Slots has got you covered.

More than just a single game with one aim, this game offers players the chance to become fully emerged in the concept of an online casino with this RPG creation. 

Designed by Digital Leisure Inc, Four Kings Casino and Slots in an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) available on both Xbox and PlayStation.

You start the game by creating a virtual creator including clothing, facial features, and hairstyles. It's a fun way to play your favourite games which include Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, Slots and more.

Prominence Poker

Dark and grungy, this popular RPG available on Xbox, Steam for PC, and PlayStation focuses on the darker side of casino gambling. Created by 505 Games, you can choose to play Prominence Poker on your own in single player mode or with others in multiplayer mode.

You once again have the opportunity to completely build your own character including facial features, hair, body tone, clothing, and much more. This aspect of these types of casino games make the interactions and experiences more exciting. You can choose to create a virtual version of yourself or simply be someone completely different in game.

While playing Prominence Poker, you'll discover underground gambling rings, you'll have the chance to out-bluff the bad guys, and win big, all while playing poker.

We're excited to see how this form of casino gaming grows in the future. Will consoles one day allow players to bet and win real cash? For now, we'll have to wait and see.

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