Android takes the lead as preferred device for online casinos

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on February 9, 2017 IN Industry News

Android mobile casino gamingSince the age of the smartphones has arrived, mobile brands have worked extremely hard to become the number one smartphone choice. Many brands faded out of the race somewhere along the line, two of the most predominant contestants are Apple and Android. While most people select a device based on their preference or liking of a certain brand, many have questioned which brand is in the lead regarding mobile casino gaming.

Android on top

This battle has been raging for many years, and will continue to do so for years to come, but it seems Android is taking the lead when it comes to mobile casino games.

"Android has proven to be the better gaming platform and is also currently used by more than 80% of the gaming world."

Mobile gaming has recently become one of the most preferred ways to play online casino games. Overall, mobile devices have become the preferred choice of device for most actions. 

The majority of online casinos and casino operating systems have been altered to suit the needs of the masses and over the last few years people have gained more access to a wider variety of online casino games via their mobile device. According to statistics, the majority of mobile casino gamblers prefer playing via an Android device.

App store issues

It is no secret that the relationship between real money gaming apps and the Google Play Store has been quite rocky. The main reason for the tension is because real money casino apps weren’t allowed to be listed on the store for quite some time. It is only recently that gaming operators have managed to find a way around it. Many online casinos have tweaked their sites, allowing Android users to access their favourite online casino directly through their browser. It is this simple modification that put Android in the lead when it comes to the ideal device for mobile casino gaming. 

Apple has been seen as the platform of choice for many game players as it is more flexible when it comes to apps. While this still gives Apple some sort of advantage, it seems that more and more people choose to use Android devices when accessing online casino games via their mobile device. Android casinos might be the favourite at the moment, but one can only look forward to what both brands will bring to the table in the coming years.