7 Tips for Responsible Gambling

Published by CasinoTopsOnline on March 23, 2015 in Casino Tips

Casino Responsible GamblingResponsible gambling is a fun and enjoyable experience for most people. It is a time to go out with friends and spend a night out being merry and taking on The House. If Lady Luck is on your side you can go home with a nice wad of cash in your pocket – and if not then you have battle stories to share, and laugh over that time you opted to hit rather than stand.

To help you keep gambling as something you enjoy here are our Top 7 Tips for an enjoyable night at the land-based casino near you or at your favourite online casino.

1. Gamble for entertainment only

A key factor in playing safe is to see online gambling and land based gambling as entertainment. If you see gambling as a fun, enjoyable way to spend time with friends, or just to relax, then it is not about the jackpot but rather the experience. Make it a night out and enjoy the good life!

2. Only gamble with money set aside for entertainment

When you go to the theatre or out for dinner you have a budget, and you certainly are not going to take the mortgage money to pay for it. A night of gambling entertainment requires the same planning and thoughtfulness. 

Once you have paid your bills and set aside money for other eventualities then look at your entertainment budget and take some, not all, of that and plan a visit to your favourite online, or brick and mortar, casino.

3. Leave your credit card at home

A great way to ensure you don’t overshoot your budget is to make it impossible to get more. The most effective way to do this is to leave your bank card, credit card and even your cheque book at home. 

If you’re playing online you can contact the casino customer support and set a weekly or daily deposit limit. Now you will be able to enjoy your time at the casino and play for the whole month, and not be out of money 24 hours after pay day.

4. Balance gambling with other fun activities

Whether you gamble at your favourite online casino or prefer to road trip down to your local casino and resort it is imperative that you plan other entertainment outlets other than gambling.

Even something as simple as going for a walk with your favourite music in your ears is proven to be a great stress reliever which will mean you’re sharp and ready to take on the casino when you get round to taking on the dealer at your lucky blackjack table.

5. Never gamble to solve a financial problem

Problem gambling is a slippery slope and can easily start with trying to solve financial problems through betting. Gambling does not come with any guarantees. If you have a financial need speak to someone in the financial sector, get sound fiscal advice! Then when you have dealt with the issue at hand you can enjoy gambling as the fun activity it is meant to be.

6. Play smart, never chase your losses

The reality is some days your favourite online slot will give you jackpot feature after jackpot feature and other days it won’t. Rather than chase after your losses go catch a movie, go for a walk or have a drink with a friend and chalk it up to not being your night. 

Who knows, your next visit to the casino could see you winning a massive jackpot – but that is for your future self to know, for now go and relax.

7. Never gamble while intoxicated

While drunk dancing or drunk texting are downright embarrassing the next day, drunk gambling can be a little more serious. There is a good chance you will blow your budget or make poor decisions if you’re intoxicated. Always play with your head, not your heart!