Buffalo Slot

It's been a while since the release of the original all-American Buffalo slot game with its magazine-quality graphical illustrations, but Buffalo Slots has come a long way since then. Developed by Aristocrat Leisure Limited, it was initially introduced as a slot machine game in land-based casinos in 2006. Aristocrat has exceptional experience in the casino industry that spans over 50 years, bringing people the best games, the most appealing features, and the highest payouts. They stay true to their mission, which is to bring joy to people around the world through casino games.

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Overview of Buffalo Slot

It's been a while since the release of the original all-American Buffalo slot game with its magazine-quality graphical illustrations, but Buffalo Slots has come a long way since then. Developed by Aristocrat Leisure Limited, it was initially introduced as a slot machine game in land-based casinos in 2006. Aristocrat has exceptional experience in the casino industry that spans over 50 years, bringing people the best games, the most appealing features, and the highest payouts. They stay true to their mission, which is to bring joy to people around the world through casino games.

By bringing out multiple variants of its game and rolling out an online version of the original (classic) Buffalo Slots into the digital world in 2012, Buffalo Slot's creators made sure that the game was here to stay — and stayed it has. Since its emergence, it has spread like wildfire, becoming the center of attention of players across the United States and worldwide.

If you've ever visited the slots in a land-based casino, you've surely heard the "buffalo!" cries raging across the gambling floor. And by bringing out the online version for people to play at from home, Buffalo Slots has become the most popular game in land-based casinos across the United States and an online favorite around the world. Buffalo Slot machine has the best graphics, vibrant and exciting gameplay, and substitutes the older paylines betting system with the new and improved Xtra Reel Power system. This new system is considered a significant improvement compared to the 243-way Reel Power betting system.

And today, because of their consistency in improving the game time and time again, there are several amazing versions both online and in land-based US casinos, such as Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Grand, and the newly added Diamond Edition.

Buffalo Slot Machine’s Concept and Core Gameplay

The original Buffalo Slots was released in simpler times and featured a plain video slot with 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols that run across each reel, offering players 1024 ways to win money. The game has a clean-cut design with few sidetracking features on the screen, which helps players to stay focused. The symbols used inside the game can be divided into two categories: animal-based and card-based. Animal-based symbols include the symbol of an eagle, a deer, a tiger, and, of course, a buffalo! Card-based symbols include high-value cards such as the ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and finally, nine.

What makes Buffalo Slots stand out is the fact that it does not feature any paylines, which is a surprise for many first-time players - but it is for the better, and we'll explain precisely why. Instead of using paylines, Buffalo Slot machines engage the Reel Power Betting System, the latest in a long line of stunning and innovative creations by Aristocrat.

Other than adding sizzling action to the game (which is always important), the betting system offers security and trust, meaning that players don't have to worry if the game is rigged, because it won't be. This also means that the players have to purchase positions in the 5 x 4 tile playing area across five levels. The first power levels are limited to 4 reels, which allows players to buy 1 to 4 reels, which start from the left side of the screen, as well as all the positions on row 3.

Because of the new system deployed by Aristocrat, wagers are made on a per reel basis instead of the usual per line basis, as is the case in most slot games. Each reel has a bet multiplier associated with it, which makes things all the more interesting.

Many people don't understand the hype behind Buffalo Slots, but our advice to them is to go a little deeper. It's a low-variance slot that features an insane number of ways to ensure your win while also providing a bonus round, which could prove very rewarding! Even though Buffalo Slots is more than a decade old, it's still going strong and fast, much like the animal it's named after.

From a neutral perspective, it would be wise to take Buffalo Slots for a spin in their free play mode first, so that you can get an idea about how much and how often you can win.


Buffalo Slots Scatter Symbol

In Buffalo Slots, the winning combinations are paid starting from the left and ending toward the right. The winning combinations are paid as multipliers of the wager, which appears on a per reel basis. However, there is an exception to that, which is where the scatter symbol comes in. Scatter wins are paid as a multiple of the total wager achieved and can be rewarded in any combination.

A gold coin represents the scatter symbol. When a player achieves three or more scatter symbols on their screen, the free spin bonus gets activated. The free spin bonus rules dictate that getting two of a kind pays 2x the total bet, four of a kind pays 10x the total bet, and five of a kind will grant players 20x the total bet, allowing players to leave with a buffalo-sized win!

Buffalo Slots Wild Symbol 

The Buffalo Slots games feature non-stacked wild symbols. A sunset is used to symbolize the wild symbol and can only land on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. When a player does achieve that beautiful sunset symbol, it can be used as a substitute for all other symbols, other than scatters.

Whenever a player chooses to substitute a wild symbol for other symbols on the reels, however, the sunset symbol glistens brightly and then replaces them on the tiles. The important thing to remember is, every wild symbol counts towards the winning combo!

Buffalo Slots Free Spins Bonus Game

Buffalo Slots is undoubtedly one of the best slots in Las Vegas, if not the best, and the bonus game rounds are a huge contributor to that cause.

Whenever a player achieves three or more scatter symbols anywhere on their screen (including non-purchased tiles/positions), the free spins bonus game is initiated automatically. The higher the number of scatter symbols achieved, the more the free spins. On achieving three scatter symbols, players are awarded eight free spins. On sighting four scatter symbols, the game rewards you with 15 free spins. And finally, should you succeed in attaining five scatter symbols, you get a massive 20 free spins!

The good news is that while you're playing the bonus round with the free spins achieved, you will get additional free spins every time a set of scatter symbols appear on the screen. And that's not all! The free spin earnings achieved during the bonus round are increased by 2x or 3x times the original amount anytime a wild symbol appears on the screen. This is extremely random, though, and the board displays the multiplier. But apart from that, in Buffalo Stampede games, in the unfortunate case that a player manages to land only two scatter symbols (rather than the required minimum, which is 3), the feature can be reactivated again, and the player will receive five more spins!

Does it sound too good to be true? It gets better! Every time a player activates that free spin during which the wild (sunset) symbol appears, the amount won on the second, third, and fourth reels will double or triple. This effectively means that the total win possible for any spin has a chance to be multiplied up to 27x, which is astounding.

Different Buffalo Slots Available to Play

Aristocrat and their games are adored across the United States and the world because they realize the need for constant improvement and innovation. Every Buffalo version released so far has been an instant hit, with people queuing up in front of these blood-rushing creations to get a chance to play newer versions for the first time. Down below, we're going to look at people's favorite Buffalo Slots, so you can decide which one you want to play.

Buffalo Stampede Slot Machine

After the deluxe version, Aristocrat came out with the Buffalo Stampede slot machine. It has striking similarities to the original version of the Buffalo Slots by integrating all the attractive technicalities and features of the original slot, including the wilds, scatters, and bonus cards.

The Buffalo Stampede was and still is played and loved by hordes of people as it is enjoyable and generously rewarding. But that generous reward comes with a catch: it's not cheap to play and requires a minimum bet of 70 cents per spin.

But the main attraction of this slot is undoubtedly the animation, with the buffalo symbol charging straight at players through the screen while waving the lasso. The name Buffalo Stampede comes from the fact that buffalos appeared from the lower part of the screen, and made their way upwards, which would stretch the screen and add two more rows to it. This means that a player had a chance to win on a far greater number of paylines.

Buffalo Gold Slot Machine

The Buffalo Gold slot machines, much like the original version, is an All Ways slot, featuring the typical scatters and wild symbols. However, the reason why Buffalo Gold slot machines are admired by many is that you can spin at these machines for just 40 cents per spin compared to the Stampede or Deluxe versions, which are far more expensive. In better news, players can win massive amounts of cash during the bonus game. Statistically, it is not uncommon for some players to take home up to $4000 or even more while playing the bonus round of Buffalo Gold. 

The Buffalo Gold version provides its players with a collective bonus game in contrast to the classic version, in which players were usually offered a standard free spins bonus game. This means that players will be able to collect gold buffalo coins, which will convert all symbols into jackpot symbols throughout the remainder of the bonus game, effectively increasing the chances of winning by a significant margin.

If a player wants to win the maximum payout, they'll have to have all 15 of the golden buffalos on the screen. When that happens, they can be confident that they can hit one of the biggest jackpot payouts. And the icing on the cake is that players don't have to spend a fortune since they can adjust the bets however they want.

Buffalo Grand Slot Machine

Out of all the amazing versions of Buffalo Slots, Buffalo Grand is perhaps the most engaging and enjoyable. However, even though it is pure entertainment, that does not mean it's equally rewarding in terms of value for money. 

From the outlook, if you're one of those high-rollers who bet more money per spin, Buffalo Grand is for you. The simple reason for that is that the Jackpot only gets triggered once the player gambles the maximum bet, which is in a whole different ball-park compared to Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Stampede.

Bottom line: if you're low on cash, don't play Buffalo Gold. You're going to be rewarded with lower payouts, which will result in you burning through your wallet until you don't have much left.

For the players carrying a heavier wallet though, Buffalo Grand supports an enormous screen, which means that it accommodates more paylines than the previous edition. This means that the probability of landing a decent win becomes highly likely, even on a minimum bet.

Buffalo Diamond Slot Machine

The Buffalo Diamond slot brings into play a new, progressive way to increase your free spins, along with the usual spectacular elements. Buffalo Diamond can be most closely compared with Buffalo Grand since both have similar features and gameplay. There are two differences: the shapes of the reels and the shining diamond, which play a significant part.

A player can increase their free spins individually for each stake level by collecting the diamonds on reel 5. These can be accessed via the wheel bonus and come with win multipliers. The unique aspect of Buffalo Diamond is the layout. The reels exist in a diamond shape, and the virtual landscape is divided into a 4-5-6-5-4 formation, giving players lots of opportunities to bag some big buffalo wins!

Additionally, players are awarded free games and jackpots through the wheel bonus games. In the free games awarded, you can achieve lethal multipliers which show up on the middle reels.

Buffalo Gold Revolution Slot Machine

A bonus wheel can be seen on the latest Gold variation on the Buffalo slots. Much like the older version, the main element of the game is making sure you get the gold heads. The wheel has two jackpots, which are significant, but not as high as those on Buffalo Grand. The wheel also has segments with options for gold heads and cash wins.

Players get a boost to their prizes if they spin the wheel and miss the 'free spins' segment. This results in a more substantial amount of cash and a quantitative increase in the number of gold heads for the next spin. As mentioned before, gold heads are where the money is at, as they contribute to the collection games contained in the free spins. When a player starts a spin while having 3+ heads, it will result in high-paying buffalo symbols being added to the reel more frequently.

Buffalo Rush Slot Machine 

Buffalo Rush features a 5-reel mechanical slot, which has been reckoned to be the reason behind its considerable success. However, the attraction of this game goes beyond the talk of mechanical slots. Buffalo Rush is essentially a hybrid, which carries the nostalgia of the Classic Buffalo, along with many loved and approved variations, and has appealed to everyone.

Big wins become a stronger possibility when players achieve the bonus feature, including directly winning a progressive jackpot! It also gives players the option to add the buffalo to special electronic reels above the physical ones. If those added buffalo symbols combine with the ones on the reel, you're going to get a big win.

Casinos Where You Can Play Buffalo Slots

As mentioned earlier, Buffalo Slots games are a huge success and are quite popular, which is why they can be found on virtually any casino floor. In Vegas, Flamingo Casino or Harrah's Hotel are two of the top venues to play Buffalo Slots games.

But beyond that, the digital realm is where Buffalo Slots games truly shine. It allows players to try out and familiarize themselves with all the different versions available, so they can pick and choose the ones which suit them the most. You can choose from several online casinos that offer the best services and customer support. 

Other than that, you can play Buffalo Slots at the online casinos Ruby Fortune and Spin Casino. Both of these are reputable online casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and endorsed by the independent regulator eCOGRA.

Final Verdict

Buffalo Slots have undoubtedly aged like fine wine, bringing out new features with each update, while keeping the old traditions alive. Credit should be given to Aristocrat for everything they have achieved, and the innovation they try to deliver again and again. Overall, we'd say that Buffalo Slots are a must-try for everyone. Even though this game has come a long way, it is not done with yet. With loads of paylines and low variance, it is the perfect fit for players who enjoy playing low-stakes games and racking up plenty of wins, while offering big bonuses to keep high-stake players sniffing around.

Is Buffalo slot safe to play?

Yes, Buffalo slot is a very solid game and extremely safe to play.

Is Buffalo slot available online?

Yes, this online slot, produced by Everi, is available to play online.

Are there bonus available for Buffalo slot?

Yes, there are several bonuses offered to play this online slot.

Buffalo Game
  • SoftwareAristocrat
  • Reels5
  • Paylines243
  • VarianceHigh
  • Free Spins 10 free spins up to 9x multiplier
  • Bonus Rounds Yes
  • Jackpot 2000x stake
  • Bet Range£0.20 – £100
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