Published on August 7, 2013 in Industry News

Software experts who have examined the latest batch of beta software for Apple have made a discovery that's offering even more support to rumours that the new Apple iPhone will include a fingerprint reader; it's a feature that could mean enhanced security for mobile casino enthusiasts.

News outlets are reporting that the iOS 7 software coding included a folder labelled “Biometric Kit,” and a string of code that referenced “a fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process.”

This information has led many to conclude that the newest iPhone, which is slated for release in September 2013, will include a fingerprint sensor. This sensor could allow you to place your finger on the iPhone home button, which would then scan your fingerprint and compare it to a master copy that would be provided during the set-up process.

An iPhone fingerprint sensor could pave the way for a foolproof phone locking feature and a highly secure identity confirmation feature, which could be used for making online payments at online casinos and e-commerce platforms.

Fingerprint sensors could make mobile casino apps more secure, so others would be unable to launch the app and start playing with your money!

Of course, the presence of an iPhone fingerprint sensor is still speculative. It's believed that the new iPhone – which will be called the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S – will also include an A7 processor, an enhanced camera, and improved voice recognition features. But you'll need to wait until September to find out for certain!

Notably, it's also believed that Apple is close to announcing the development of a so-called “budget” iPhone, which could sell for as little as $99, making Apple more competitive in the marketplace.